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  • Gaming
  • Development
  • Coding

Web Development
Web Designing

Python, Php, Mysql, Asp, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap
Get best and affordable web development services for your business.


Desktop Applications
Mobile Applications

With the advance utilization of Java, Swift, Python we Develop
best desktop and Mobile (Android & IOS ) Applications.

Web Developers

Artificial Intelligence
Chat Bots

Our Skilled and experienced team develops some of the best chat bots and Artificial Intelligence


Game Development

Action, FSP, Strategy, Racing, Arcade, Simulations and many more games for all platforms.

Get rid of Cyber thefts

Get best tactics and honey pots for your business
Our Team of Certified Ethical Hackers develops advance methods to stop carding, Cyber thefts and other cyber crimes.

  • Innovation

    ESDY deals with all new innovative ideas to empower Indian business to enter digital world.

  • Implementation

    With implementing all new practises, Our team of experts develops all your business needs with Advance, Simple and fast user interface.

  • Code

    Team ESDY are familiar with many computer languages such as Prolog, Python, Php, .net, C#, AIML, SQL, Java, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3.

  • Play

    Based on Python and Blender, ESDY also deals with Game Development.

  • Development

    Our main motto is Development. We believe a change can bring Development, Hence We ♥ Development.

  • Mission

    Beyond Digital Development,ESDY also deals with development of students and People by providing them Free Education powered by Spread Learn.

Spread Learn

Spread Learn is an new strategy in E-learning. Developed by ESDY